Work With Kay

Parenting can be challenging.  Co-parenting or parallel parenting is a whole other level.  When you decide, we can work together to accomplish:

  • Learning to speak up for yourself
  • Putting an end to self-sabotage
  • Identifying what the exact “problem” is
  • Identifying exactly what your goals are- in life, parenting, your new relationship with your ex, or all of the above
  • Clear communication with your child(ren) and co-parent
  • Deciding what is really important to you and what you are willing to let go

3 Ways to work with Kay:

What A Relief Package

  • Single 50 min session
  • $150

Pain Pain Go Away Package

  • 4 sessions to be used within 6 weeks
  • $520

Woke AF Package

  • 8 sessions to be used within 10 weeks
  • $1000

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